Strategy on a Stellar Scale

Everything in the universe is held together by the force of gravity, galaxies, stars, planets... even you!

When you jump in the air, the Earth’s gravitational field pulls you back down but, if you jumped off fast enough, you'd never come down and be lost forever! The more massive something is, the stronger it's gravitation field and the faster you have to jump off to escape from it.

Now imagine an object so massive that nothing, not even if it was moving at the speed of light, could escape from it! Everything that came too close would be swallowed up forever... This is a black hole!

Black Hole is a strategy game for 2-3 players that is easy to learn, but extremely hard to play well. Players take turns placing stars and trying to capture as many stars as possible by creating black holes while preventing their opponents from doing the same.

While this might seem simple, the game can be mind-bending as it is difficult to think more than one move ahead making the tactics almost impossible to work out!

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