The Game of Cosmic Proportions

The Battle between the Gods to become the Supreme Master of all the Universe!...

Before space and time and the universe existed there was only emptiness... And then, at the moment of creation, the Avatars came into being. They have struggled since the beginning of time to shape reality...

As one of the Avatars, the power of the entire cosmos is in your hands. Bend time and space to your will with Temporal. Create enormous suns and annihilate your foes in fiery supernova with Fusion or harness the awesome power of a black hole and tear them apart with Gravity!

The Gravitation universe is composed of three major forces which both oppose and synergize with one another to control reality. Apart from a limited number of basic stars and processes, everything in Gravitation is aligned to at least one of the forces.


Fusion is the source of light, energy and creation in the universe and represents the combination of the nuclear and electromagnetic forces. At the core of Fusion is the conversion of matter into energy which overwhelms through the sheer pressure of intense radiation. Stars that are based on the Fusion force have tremendous energy outputs but are often unstable and have limited lifespans. Fusion based processes usually result in spectacular but short lived displays of power, sacrificing stars and burning through available resources in the process.


Gravity is the force that binds the universe together and is responsible for the motions of stars, clusters and galaxies. It is an attractive force which is relentless in nature, becoming inexorably stronger and more powerful as it takes hold. Stars formed with Gravity are extremely large and massive and may even collapse upon themselves. Gravity based processes excel in magnifying and amplifying power, forcibly transferring matter and resources as well as causing destruction through gravitational shearing forces.


The Temporal force permeates throughout the cosmos, giving rise to space and time to drive the evolution of the universe. It is a far-reaching force that affects galaxy clusters and other large-scale structures all the way down to fundamental particles at the very smallest scales. Stars that are affected by the Temporal force are extremely dense, often warping the fabric of nearby space and altering the local flow of time. Temporal based processes are able to manipulate spacetime to interrupt and even reverse events previously set in motion.

In Gravitation, each player represents one of the six Avatar's of Reality who are themselves are an embodiment of one or more of the fundamental forces of the universe.

The aim of each game of Gravitation is to reduce the mass of your opponent's avatar to zero while you prevent him from doing the same. To do this, each avatar surrounds themselves with stars created from raw matter and manipulates various physical and spatial processes to assault his opponent's stars and Avatar.

Each Avatar also has a unique skill which synergizes with the creation and manipulation of one or more different types of stars and processes.

Art by Jamie Noble Frier

Helios - The Creator

Helios is the avatar of creation, his sole purpose is to bring the cosmos into existence. A being of light and energy, Helios blazes across the universe gathering clouds of hot gases and leaving stars and galaxies in his wake. As the aspect of fusion, Helios is chaotic and unpredictable. He tends to act on impulse with brilliant shows of power and energy and is unconcerned with what goes on around him. Helios is amused by Nebulos’ need for order and often earns his ire when his haphazard creation disrupts Nebulos’ grand designs.

Art by Jamie Noble Frier

Solaria - The Radiant

Solaria is the avatar of light and lady of the stars, her sole desire is to ensure that they burn for all time. Through her powers over energy, she ignites matter and fusion within the cores of stars causing them to radiate light and warmth. As the manifestation of both the forces of fusion and gravity, Solaria has a firey demenour, is quick to anger and not above causing a supernova explosion in order to end an arguement. Solaria finds the idea of a universe without light and heat intolerable and despises Chronos for his lack of desire to prevent this.

Art by Jamie Noble Frier

Astaron - The Destructor

Astaron is the avatar of oblivion, his only purpose is to return the universe to the void from which it came. A being of darkness, Astaron moves through the cosmos pulling all along his path into his blazing maw. As the aspect of gravity, Astaron is singleminded and relentless in his pursuit of the total destruction of this reality. As he consumes hapless stars, he will grow in mass and in power until he becomes unstoppable. Astaron was imprisoned for over an aeon inside an alternate reality by Tempus before escaping to exact his final revenge.

Art by Jamie Noble Frier

Nebulos - The Celestial

Nebulos is the avatar of perfection, his sole purpose is to bring structure and order to the universe. By his guiding hand, all of the stars and galaxies are set into motion and move towards some grand design of which only Nebulos knows. As the manifestation of both temporal and gravity forces, Nebulos is patient and rigid. His actions tend to be small and precise but incredibly far reaching with complex results. Nebulos finds the chaotic Helios to be a constant source of vexation as his creations prevent him from bringing order and perfection to reality.

Art by Jamie Noble Frier

Chronos - The Eternal

Chronos is the avatar of space and time manifested to ensure that the universe ends as it is supposed to. Often found traversing the incredible distances between galaxies, Chronos watches silently as the stars slowly wink out and fade into oblivion. As the aspect of the temporal force, Chronos moves in his own time with little concern and is unfettered by the constraints imposed upon him inside this reality. Chronos cannot fathom the interest of Solaria in the cosmos as he knows that it too is finite and, like all else, will one day end.

Art by Jamie Noble Frier

Tempus - The Protector

Tempus is the avatar of balance and the chosen guardian of the universe and the cosmos. Bathed in energy, Tempus stands tall at the edges of creation. Silent in his vigil, he is ever watchful for those who would seek to harm reality. As the manifestation of both temporal and fusion forces, Tempus is slow to anger, valiant and courageous. He seeks to preserve at all costs and only destroys as a last resort. After imprisoning the malevolent force known as Astaron in an alternate reality, Tempus stands vigiliant against the day of his return.