The Game of Cosmic Proportions

Before Space and Time and the universe existed there was only emptiness... And then, at the moment of creation, the Avatars came into being. They have struggled since the beginning of time to shape reality...

As one of the Avatars, the power of the entire cosmos is in your hands. Bend time and space to your will with Temporal. Create enormous suns and annihilate your foes in fiery supernova with Fusion or harness the awesome power of a black hole and tear them apart with Gravity!

Gravitation is a customizable card game for 2 players where the players compete head to head to shape and dominate the universe. Acquire nebulas to build your power then unleash enormous stars and powerful processes to crush your opponent.

The GRAVITATION Universe set contains a complete deck of the entire base set of 220 cards, tokens and other useful resources for a full single player experience or mix and match cards for a 2 player starter set. Combine 2 GRAVITATION Universe sets for the ultimate experience!

For instant action, single player GRAVITATION theme decks and tokens can be purchased separately. Each 65 card theme deck features an avatar and a mix of powerful cards for a unique strategy!

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