Hades Star Tutorials

Welcome to our section of guides for Hades Star by Parallel Space. I found this amazing little gem of a game during the development of Nova Solis which immediately appealed to my love of 4X games, empire building and Sci-Fi in general. It is not a game for the impatient but it has wonderful co-operative style multiplayer gameplay and it has heavily influenced some of my design decisions for Nova Solis.

I am still playing this game today and am contactable on Discord as Arcardion#9270 for any questions regarding Hades or Nova Solis.

Useful Links

Hades Star Official Website
Hades Star Wiki - A generally useful site
Hades Star Reddit - Discussion channel for all things Hades
Hades Star Guide - An excellent site with datamined information
• Hades Star Official Discord Server - Discord.gg/QmGBWpu

The Basics

This guide was written for our new corporation members to help them get up and running as quickly as possible. This game has a lot of traps for new players which can easily stunt development although hopefully this guide will help you avoid most of them.

So how do you classify players in this game:

Novices - Anybody who is RS4 or below is considered a novice... At this point in the game you have yet to face your first real enemy ship the colossus and you are probably making most of your income from salvaging artifacts.

Intermediate - This stage includes anyone starting out at RS5 and about to make the transition into RS7. Income from shipping becomes a priority and you are starting to feel the hydro pinch. You've mastered or are mastering the basics of Red Star runs and are a regular in white stars.

Advanced - You become an advanced player once you stop running scared from the bombers in RS7 and can take down multiple colossi with ease. RS4 runs are no longer quenching your thirst for hydro and teamwork becomes a priority.

Endgame - This happens somewhere around late RS8 to RS9, many of your important mods are maxed out, your credit cap is over 3 million and you have a steady supply of hydro from a farm somewhere.