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Gravitysoft Games is an independent card/board and PC games publisher devoted to creating high quality and fun games. The company founder has been developing games for over 25 years and would like to share this passion with others.

Our line-up of fantastic games includes:

Gravitation: A customisable card game of cosmic proportions! Become one of the avatars of creation and compete to dominate the universe...

Black Hole: A strategy board game set in space that will test your spatial thinking to the limit!

Space Fleet Alpha: A science-fiction strategy card game where the aim is to be the last man standing.

Solar Defense: A 3D tower defense... Defend your station against never-ending waves of enemies to see how long you can last!

Be sure to check these out and some of the other great independent games from our affiliates...



25th January 2015 - Gravitation 1st Edition released
After over 18 months of design and planning the 1st Edition has been released and is purchasable in The Game Crafter Shop.

23rd December 2012 - Space Fleet Alpha 3rd Edition released
Improved gameplay flow, starship combat and fully bound rules booklet... The 3rd Edition is purchasable in The Game Crafter Shop.

20th December 2012 - Father Geek Reviews Space Fleet Alpha

The 2nd Edition of Space Fleet Alpha was recently reviewed by Father Geek and awarded the prestigious Father Geek Seal of Approval... Check out the full review here!

11th December 2012 - Black Hole 1st Edition released
Gravity games has teams up with Dave McClure (AKA Paraglider) to bring you this mind-bending strategy board game which is now purchasable in The Game Crafter Shop.

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