eXpand, eXplore, eXploit, eXterminate!

Nova Solis, the legendary home of the Ancients. A tiny pocket reality containing untold treasures untouched since the Ancients’ departure from our universe.

When a functioning gate was first discovered it became a race for the great races of the galaxy to be the first to mount an expedition and claim the riches of Nova Solis. In our greed we did not stop to consider why the Ancients abandoned their home until we encountered the Entity...

Its power is growing and the black hole and many of the stars near the Nova Solis gate are becoming unstable. We have to get out of here but we can’t let this thing enter into our universe... Our only hope is to recover the ancient knowledge and to seal it inside!
3 player co-operative game in progress

Epic Space Adventure

Take to the stars in this epic game of discovery, resource management and conquest for 1 to 6 players with amazing art by Jamie Noble Frier!

Choose from 6 different empires each with their own distinct advantages and strategies and eXpand your economy, industry and influence. eXplore uncharted star systems to discover resource-laden asteroids, habitable planets, vast nebulae, wormholes and more. Exploit natural resources, rare minerals and ancient artifacts to research and unlock unique technologies to give yourself an edge.

Finally, build and develop fleets of powerful warships and engage your opponents in combat using a custom dice-building mechanic to eXterminate your foes!

Dynamic Gameplay

With over 40 sector tiles, 150 location tiles and variable difficulty settings, no two games of Nova Solis are alike! While your forces are on an expedition to learn the secrets of the Ancients, you'll come under constant attack by increasingly powerful Entity forces determined to prevent you for reaching your goal. And while you are struggling to maintain your empire's foothold, the clock is ticking as the Entity continues to gather the power necessary to destabilize the stars themselves and ignite everything in a supernova explosion!

Solo & Co-Operative Play

Nova Solis offers deep co-operative gameplay scaled to the number of players so that it can be enjoyed by both small and large groups alike. It's unique design also allows it to seamlessly transition to solo play without cumbersome rule changes.

In order to defeat the Entity, the players will need to work together like never before. With multiple paths to victory, every player can enjoy their own playstyle and work towards their own objectives while contributing to the overall goal without the usual follow-the-leader situations found in most other co-operative games.

Unlike other games with co-operative play, Nova Solis encourages players to forge their own paths with an individual scoring system ensuring that the players will have to work together to survive while keeping their eyes on the overall prize. For those who want even more competition, Nova Solis can also be played as a straight out, no-holds barred battle for supremacy!

Tabletop Simulator digital version 6-player setup


Want to get involved in the development of Nova Solis? Join us in the design discussion forum on BoardGameGeek and check out the playtesting section for information and access to the latest Print & Play version.

Digital Version

Nova Solis is currently available for free on Steam Workshop through Tabletop Simulator and a digital version is currently being developed in Unity for PC, Android and iOS... Stay tuned for more information!
The Entity watching from afar...

The Entity

The entity is a malevolent being from another dimension that was attracted to Nova Solis by the high concentration of omega particles which were being used to power the Ancient's technology and civilization.

Although the entity cannot manifest itself directly within our spacetime, it is able to affect our reality indirectly through the forces of gravity, dark energy and by assembling fleets and constructs from dark matter.